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From an early age, Joseph Halsey’s experiences and perceptions fueled intense impressions of the world, which he channeled into many creative pursuits, including music composition and performance, song-writing, and drama. In his teen years, however, his deep desire to pursue acting emerged as his primary interest.

An astute observer of human behavior, he is both an enigma and a chameleon, integrating easily with people from diverse backgrounds. His charisma, earthy masculinity, and raw sensuality belie a deep sensitivity to the pain of the human condition. It is this awareness that allows him to connect to and portray a wide range of characters on very deep levels, resulting in unique and sometimes surprising interpretations that resonate with authenticity.

His desire to make an impact through the dramatic arts is perhaps best illustrated by the late Charles “Mask” Lewis’ words: “Maybe it might not be me that touches a million people…but maybe I’ll touch that one that will touch a million.”

Born of Irish-Italian descent, and raised in the “Little Italy” section of Trenton, NJ, Joseph spent much of his modest upbringing sweeping floors and performing other menial tasks in the family bar. It was here, however, that he developed his strong work ethic and learned firsthand from his entrepreneurial uncle the importance of doing the right thing for the right reason, even when no one is looking. His late father, who suffered from multiple sclerosis, further taught him by example the importance of an upbeat attitude, respect, and benevolence, regardless of one’s circumstances in life.

As a high school freshman, Joseph spent much of his spare time playing, writing, and recording music. He credits his English/drama teacher, Mrs. Linda Rapp, and his father for channeling his ample creative drive into becoming a thespian during his sophomore year. After high school, he then attended and graduated from the Florida School of the Arts and continued his formal dramatic training at The Acting Studio in NYC.

Joseph’s first appeared on television in a recurring role on The Cosby Show as the family’s pizza delivery boy, followed by other recurring roles on America’s Most Wanted, several episodic daytime dramas, and Law and Order. He currently plays a recurring role as a police officer on Law and Order SVU.

He has also been in a variety of lead and supporting roles in independent films, such as the critically-acclaimed Maltese Murder Mystery and the up-and-coming horror classic Billy’s Cult. Joseph has been fortunate to receive several awards and nominations for his performances. View Joseph’s Resume Page for further details, you can also follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and IMDB for daily updates.

In his spare time, Joseph also performs as the co-front man and songwriter for the band Bigger Than Plastic. He also enjoys success as a music publisher and co-owner of Eclecticism Publishing. Several television shows currently feature songs published by Eclecticism Publishing, including Punkd, Pimp my Ride, Trick My Truck, and Making of the Video.

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